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"The sign of a good doctor should be how many patients she can get off medication,
not how many people she puts on medications." (anonymous)

Hung-Yeh is a gifted healer who uses homeopathic medicine to initiate change, flow and integration in a person's life. She supports life's innate healing and wisdom power - the life force/vitality, and the "inner doctor". Her training and intuitive skills are centered around bringing health and vitality to the person versus just alleviation or control of symptoms.

Once the "inner doctor" is strengthened, the life force will take care of the rest: There takes place an infinitely complex process of self-regulation and healing. We can then naturally and effortlessly continue our journey to feeling well balanced and stronger.

During treatment, the person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expressions are being evaluated. Hung-Yeh considers a person's past, family and ancestral history as important correlated elements in their sickness and health.

Hung-Yeh has been practising homeopathy in Halifax since 1997. She works with all ages and genders. She also offers sessions via video conferencing.