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How to achieve positive results with homeopathic treatment

A word of caution: Don't expect quick results. Some people experience improvements within a year, while for others it may take several years to experience lasting good results. I like to quote Timothy Dooley ND.MD., whose book "Homeopathy - Beyond Flat Earth Medicine: An Essential Guide for the Homeopathic Patient" I recommend as an excellent introduction to homeopathy (see link below for a free copy).


How To Get Results
by Timothy Dooley

"Homeopathy is new and different for the average patient. Some approach it with skepticism and figure they'll try it and see what happens. These patients often quit before good results are achieved. The best way to get good results is to make homeopathy your primary form of therapy. That is to say, homeopathy is what you think first and pursue first in your healthcare needs. As a medical doctor, I say with conviction that conventional medicine is what should be used secondarily, as a backup to homeopathy, and not the other way around. A patient should first give their system a chance to heal naturally and only resort to drug therapy when truly necessary.

Most patients of conventional medicine tend to have been over-medicated throughout their lives. Their systems have been constantly forced with large doses of drugs and not really given a chance to heal naturally. As a result, the expression of their health-maintaining mechanism is often blunted and confused. Over time, under homeopathic care, this situation tends to resolve itself and their system start to work in a manner more like those patients who have had primary homeopathic care for many years.

Patients with chronic health problems who are starting homeopathy should realize it might take a number of years for full recovery from these problems. Chronic health problems do not appear overnight. Often, patients suffer for years before the identifiable problems surface. It is unrealistic to think these problems will just evaporate after a few months of homeopathic care.

Unfortunately many people just do that. They constantly jump from one form of therapy to another, never allowing their problems to heal. As years go by, they merely chase symptoms throughout their body while their health gradually deteriorates.

Patients who want results with homeopathy, or any form of therapy for that matter, need to be committed. This means following the advice of the practitioner, scheduling follow up appointments as directed, and working with the practitioner when problems arise."

Dr. Dooley's newest book is available from beyondflatearth.com. A free print PDF of the 1995 first edition (119 pages) is available here: Homeopathy – Beyond Flat Earth Medicine: An Essential Guide for the Homeopathic Patient