White Lotus Classical Homeopathy (calligraphy)

More about Hung-Yeh Peisinger:

My maternal family lineage includes a long line of practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My mother grew up in pre-war China, with virtually no contact with allopathic (western/modern) medicine. She kept her trust in Chinese Medicine, and skepticism toward allopathic treatments, even after my family moved to Germany in the early sixties. I remember the bitter herbal infusions and other 'disgusting' teas that my mother had me drink while I was in bed with measles, high fevers, and other childhood afflictions. As a result of my family tradition, I grew up with confidence and trust in 'alternative' ways of treating illness; in fact, I've never taken antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals in my life, with one exception (during and after the C-section for the birth of my daughter).


Growing up in Germany, the birthplace of Dr Samuel Hahnemann (who formally developed the homeopathic method), I became acquainted with the form of medicine known as homeopathy. That acquaintance has become a lifelong passion for this profound system of healing.

I love homeopathy because the tools provided by this system of healing can assist people in their search for health, in a deep and satisfying way. For me it is of essence to understand sickness as an expression of our mind-body continuum. The mind-body relationship is similar to the relationship of the roots to the trunk and branches of a tree. Root, trunk, and branches are aspects of one continuum. The human being functions as an integrated totality. With this holistic and wholesome view of the human, pain and sickness – be it physical or emotional – are appreciated as healthy and intelligent messages from your body. The right homeopathic remedies, matched according to your particular symptom-picture, stimulate and speed up the body's natural healing process.

I draw my inspiration from the work of my colleagues around the world and witnessing in my patients how deeply satisfying and transformative a homeopathic cure can be.

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