My Fees

Selecting your homeopathic medicine is a highly individualized, complex multidimensional process.

Your first consultation is scheduled for two hours.

Since it is the first time we are meeting, I need to get to know the ‘terrain’ as it were. I am receiving an extensive picture about you and your health history. The information I am collecting as a homeopath is different than medical data. It is about your “constitutional” make-up way back to your childhood. In order to help you prepare for your consultations, I am also sending you questionnaires.

Complimentary (included) in my fees are:

  • Your Homeopathic remedies
  • Mailing you the remedies
  • Short consultations in-between appointments, if needed
  • The additional time I spend after each consultation in researching and selecting the best remedies for you.

The fee for this initial two hour consultation are:


The follow up consultations are scheduled 3-8 weeks apart and are scheduled for about one hour.

The fees for the follow ups are


*Please reach out if pricing is a barrier to seeking help

My practice is deliberately structured to give lots of space and time for my patients and myself. Wait times for appointments can be long.

I work with my patients on Zoom and in person.

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