Homeopathy is a system of medicine developed in the early 1800s, in Germany, by the Alchemist and physician Samuel Hahnemann .

From its beginnings, Homeopathy was able to demonstrate its unequivocal effectiveness in the epidemics of cholera, typhus fever, yellow fever and diphtheria in the 19th century and then in the influenza pandemic of 1918.

It is widely practiced, especially in India, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK.

We are gifted by Nature unique and powerful medicines that can amplify, bring forth the healer within ourselves.

Homeopathy has in its apothecary an ever expanding list of remedies. All these remedies are prepared by a specific process of dilutions or trituration to the point of “non-materiality”.

The Sources of homeopathic remedies literally span the whole of existence.
From Hydrogen, Minerals, Salts, Metals, Radioactive Elements to
Ancient Plants, Trees, poisonous herbs, hallucinogenic plants, mushrooms to
Bacteria, algae, cephalopods, birds, spiders, snakes, mammals to
“Imponderables” like X-rays, Spectrum,
Just to name a few ! All are the gifts of the universe.

I like to mention specifically  “the Matridonal remedies “  – because they are very much needed presently – homeopathically prepared
mother’s milk, oxytocin, placenta, etc. 

These matridonal remedies have the potential to heal primary woundings/disruptions during the beginnings of our earthly existence. Not only do they alleviate physical issues, they also help us come into fuller embodiment and therefore into fuller connection and love with life and with our relationships. 

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